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The aim of this project was to build an interactive therapeutic room for autistic children to stimulate them in various ways and help them break repetitive behavior. The room contains sensors, microphones and cameras to pick up any activity. The … more

NSys Sketches


Here are some stills produced by renderings from my NSys software during development and related experiments.



An application for tracking and analyzing string instrument performance. The system uses a Vicon motion capture system to track markers placed on the instrument and the performer in 3D with high accuracy. more

NSys Modular


A modular approach to audiovisual composition. My goal was to develop a flexible framework for manipulating and combining audio and visual content interactively. The system was designed specifically to suit my personal needs. more


Some electronics (photo by Pieter Kers)

This is a follow-up on the 2004 “Gedoe of Gedaan” piece by Eboman and the SensorMadness team. This time some of the techniques that didn’t make it into the first performance, like on-stage audiovisual sampling and real-time beat creation were … more

Gedoe of Gedaan

Gedoe of Gedaan. Photo by Pieter Kers

A novel theater performance directed by artist Eboman. We created a highly interactive play by controlling video and audio elements with gestures. This allows the performer to control the output of sound and visual elements on stage directly with this … more

Ilse Media Photo Animation


Pseudo random animated photo projection for the Ilse Media during the Cross Media Week in Amsterdam. The project was commissioned by Janusian Schwitters who also produced the photo content for this video. Its goal was to decorating the interior design … more



An audiovisual composition using the NSys modular system. This video was made as a proof of concept for the NSys development. more