Coca-Cola Cascada


The Coca-Cola Cascada installation is an interactive experience. The system consists of a huge 16 meter high generative led display with music and sound. By capturing movements through infrared cameras, the visitor’s trigger behaviors within the waterfall controlling both the visuals and the sound simultaneously.

I was responsible for the sound engine. A key aspect was to make it interactive while still being able to follow a composed score for each of the visual scenes. Fairly similar to what you might find in a game sound track. The engine works by stacking layers using vertical orchestration techniques in combination with samplers and effects. Every scene in the graphics rendering was linked to a music composition with synchronized transitions. In addition data from the users gestural interaction with the waterfall is used to trigger and manipulate sounds to create the necessary auditory feedback.


Music composition & sound design
Technical Director
Memo Akten
Graphics programming
Matt Swoboda
Sound engine development
Thijs Koerselman


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